By Dawn's Early Light

By Dawn's Early Light is a global thriller written by David Hagberg. The author has in depth military knowledge as he is a former Air Force cryptographer. Hagberg has written several novels.

By Dawn's Early Light features a plot based on an alternate view of current events. The "what if" is that Pakistan has a hydrogen bomb, and they are not afraid to use it on their Indian neighbors, or anyone else that wants to get in the way of their regional domination.

The global plot unfolds across several continents and oceans like a well executed battle plan. There are enough Special Forces and submarines involved to keep anyone with a military interest yelling "hoora" by the end of novel. The action is vivid, and well descibed. You're very glad that the USS Seawolf sub with its heroic crew is on our side!

Speaking of the end, the very last section presents quite an enigma. It appears to set the stage for a sequel, but there is none. If anyone knows the meaning, or cares to speculate, go ahead and post it in the comments below...

In conclusion, I enjoyed By Dawn's Early Light very much. This is the first novel I have read of Hagberg's body of work. I can promise you, it will not be the last.

Overall Grade: A

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