My latest project for Green Man Review is finally complete. It concerns the Finnish band Värttinä, whose music I've really admired for quite some time now. First, I review their new album Miero, which came out in January. Miero is the lastest of many strong efforts from the band, and earns an A- grade.

Also, and more importantly, a couple of weeks ago I got to spend twenty minutes on the phone with Värttinä's bouzouki and sax player Janne Lappalainen. While the rest of the band is back in Finland promoting the new record, Janne has been busy in Toronto overseeing the final touches to the theatrical production of Lord of the Rings, which premieres on March 23. Värttinä composed several pieces for the show, and in my introduction to the interview I try to explain why their connection to Tolkien's work is actually quite natural.

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Scarlet119 said...

Scott just likes the cute Finnish blondes.... ;-)

No, really, the music is good.