The Lions of Lucerne (2002)

The Lions of Lucerne is the debut novel from Brad Thor, and was published in 2002. Thor had previously been involved with a television program of travel. He uses his extensive knowledge of locations to enhance this novel. This novel is the start of a growing series, currently six novels strong.

The hero is Scot Harvath. He is works as a Secret Service agent assigned to the Presidential security detail. His qualifications include being an ex-Navy SEAL, and he is about as hard as they come. He is in optimal physical condition, can handle just about any weapon, and his bare hands are quite deadly. In short, he makes some other action heroes look like wimps, although Thor still keeps him believable throughout.

The plot focuses on that the President has been kidnapped. Oh, and Harvath, morally sworn to protect the President at all costs, while trying to pick up the trail, is on his own government’s junk list. Let’s just say he has to “color outside the lines” in order to get the job done and keep himself alive.

If you want an action novel, this is it. This is one of the few novels that can match Dan Brown’s breakneck action speed. This thing is truly “pedal to the metal” from cover to cover. It doesn’t let up even on the last page! There are also enough tech toys sprinkled in to keep any subscriber of Popular Mechanics intrigued.

The whole plot is so intricate, it takes quite a bit of effort to unravel the entire thing as layer upon layer get peeled back. It was quite enjoyable, and could even be read twice to take it all in. Adding to the realism are the locations, both American, and European. We can feel the locales, and they are described by an author that has actually been there, and not just from a guidebook.
I enjoyed The Lions of Lucerne very much. The plot twists and turns kept me reading, and it was difficult to put it down. I can’t wait to read the other books in the series. Expect them to be reviewed in the near future!

Overall Grade: A

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