Date Movie

Date Movie is a film that spoofs a whole slew of other films, mostly of the kind of stuff you'd watch on a date. The comedy is fast, and you need to have watched the other films to get the somewhat obtuse comedy. Here is the list of the movies it makes fun of:

-Bridget Jones' Diary
-Napolean Dynamite
-Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers
-My Best Friend's Wedding
-The Wedding Planner
-Pretty Woman
-Sweet Home Alabama
-Lord of the Rings
-Star Wars
-Say Anything
-My Big Fat Greek Wedding

The scary thing is that there is probably another film or two as well! Yes, the whole thing is a little more crude than clever at times, but Date Movie was entertaining, and fast enough paced to hold this reviewer's attention for the 83 minutes of laughter it provided.

Overall Grade: B

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