Path of the Assassin

Path of the Assassin is the sequel to The Lions of Lucerne, by Brad Thor. Here we follow the career of Scott Harvath, Presidential Secret Service Agent. Thor has successfully created a larger than life action hero in Harvath, but still is believable, and still mortal.

In Path of the Assassin, Harvath takes a break from his day job guarding the President. Here, he is hot on the chase of terrorists involved in The Lions of Lucerne's plot. Both his SEAL and Secret Service training are needed as we circle the globe. He parachutes, helicopters, drives cars and motorbikes, and races boats as the novel progresses. This is breakneck, pedal to the metal action all the way.

His new romantic interest in this novel is Meg Cassidy. She is a public relation expert that gets unwillingly thrown into the hunt for the terrorist. Harvath and Cassidy meet during a rescue operation from a plane in Egypt. Harvath, like in the previous novel, must operate independently, and even ignore orders from superiors, to get the job done.

This novel is well plotted, and well paced. The other strength is how the scenes are incorporated into the plot. Each exotic land is expertly described, and well detailed with the sights, smells and sounds. After a Thor novel, I feel not only like an armchair critic, but an armchair traveler as well.

Path of the Assassin is a well done sequel to The Lions of Lucerne. I'm confident that fans of action thrillers will not only enjoy it, but look forward to the next novel in the series.

Overall Grade: A

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