Derailed is a character driven thriller starring Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen. A chance meeting on a train throws the two of them together. They both seem to be the middle aged parents, executives in the business world, who have boring, daily existences. They end up falling for each other, and are on the fast track to an affair. At this point I was thinking that Derailed was quite similar to plenty of other films, and just another cookie cutter film. Boy, was I wrong. Things were not really what they seemed, and Owen ends up getting seriously blackmailed to hide the secret of what really went on. As he tries to hide the truth, it’s amazing to see how he keeps getting himself deeper and deeper into a world of lies, deceit and crime. At one point, he is in trouble with the police, his family and his employer all simultaneously; there appears no way out. Derailed is one dark movie, but mostly plausible. If you want to be a little disturbed and unsettled, with a thriller that’s a little different, than Derailed may just be for you.

Overall Grade: B+

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