Because I Said So (2007)

Because I Said So is a romantic comedy that explores the trouble in finding a soul mate, and the relationship between a mother and a daughter. It stars Mandy Moore, Lauren Graham and Diane Keaton.

We open the film with the marriages of the two older daughters. The youngest is awfully like her mother as they run a catering business. Her mother decides that her youngest needs some help in the boyfriend department, and she takes an online personal ad out for her, and takes it upon herself to interview prospective suitors (the group of misfits that show up is hilarious). One, an up and coming architect appears to be the ideal one. A chance meeting of the mother with the jazz guitarist at the hotel where she is doing the interviewing provides the basis of the romantic comedy. While the architect appears to be the better suited, is the musician really the better man for the daughter? The mother and the rest of the family can’t stay on the sidelines as both court the youngest daughter, and her relationship becomes a family affair.

Because I Said So (the title referring to what parents often tell children without really giving a reason), is an entertaining film. It is set in visually invigorating Los Angeles and they made an effort to set scenes in areas that the locals know, rather than the touristy spots that get overused. It is well plotted, paced, and humorous. While I didn’t hear much about this film, it is worth seeking out on DVD for a relaxing two hours.

Overall Grade: A-

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