The Lake House (2006)

I remember when this film came out, the critics killed it, and I avoided it like the plague. Still, I was always raised to think for myself, so I checked it out and was pleasantly surprised. The Lake House features Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.

The premise of the film is a little wacky. Bullock plays Kate Forster a medicine doctor practicing in Chicago in 2006. Reeves portrays Alex Wyler, an architect designing housing in 2004. They both are living in this lake house which rises on stilts from the shore of the lake. They exchange notes via the mailbox out front, and they are having this romantic relationship as neither can find their soul mate in their current “time zone.”

While I realize that the premise put many other critics off, at the very least if we think of it as a romance/time travel movie, it does win some points for originality. Also, as the film progresses, things do finally come together better than in many other films. Also, the visual imagery of the film, complete with the beautiful lake and stunning shots of Chicago contribute to a high quality feel of this film. The acting was also strongly done.

In conclusion, I did enjoy this film quite a bit despite how so many other critics felt. Those looking for a different type of romance movie should check out The Lake House.

Overall Grade: B+

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