Cars (2006)

Cars is a look at a rookie race car struggling on its climb to fame and fortune. It features the voices of Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, and Bonnie Hunt. It features an entire society of automobiles and other vehicles, but no humans.

The plot unfolds as the Piston Cup race ends in a truly photo finish resulting in a three way tie. The winner will be decided in a final race in California. Along the way our rookie racer, Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) falls off the flatbed, ends up in a Route 66 town, and learns a few things about himself, as well as racing. He is guided along the way, kind of like in an early Tom Cruise "formula film" by the old master, Doc Hudson, whose voice is supplied by none other than Paul Newman who is over 80 years old these days. The story mostly takes place in Radiator Springs, a Route 66 Western town that is as fascinating as any of the characters.

The really outstanding aspect of this movie is the computer animated graphics. While the story is a little trite and predictable, the awesome animation is what really held my interest throughout Cars with a level of realism that was never possible with traditional animation. As these race cars speed around the track, it looks quite realistic, and is quite a bit better than what was possible even a few short years ago.

If you want a very visually engaging film with a so-so plot, than Cars is for you, as well as the whole family.

Overall Grade: B

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