Weird Heroes Volume 1 - Edited by Byron Preiss (1975)

Weird Heroes was a strange idea: an attempt to publish some new pulp stories, only with a focus not on violence. Byron Preiss brought together writers and artists into this project with mixed results.

There is one standout story - a glorious train wreck by Philip Jose Farmer entitled Greatheart Silver in Showdown at Shootout, where Farmer pays a funny and bloody homage to all the old pulp heroes. The book is probably worth it for that story alone.

The rest of the stories are only so-so, and one Rose in the Sunshine State is a good story which just seems wildly out of place in this collection.

The stories are illustrated, although not excessively, and the pictures do add to the overall effect.

Ultimately, the experiment, while interesting is not wildly successful - with the exception of the Farmer story.

Overall Grade: C

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