Fay Grim (2006)

Rarely does a film seem this dismally bad, but Fay Grim gives new meaning to the term dismal. The plot, which centers around a mixup with some secret journals, has less depth than many spoofs. Complicating it is much name dropping of many other characters, often in passing, that only obscures things further. The acting, led by Parker Posey, is quite poor and one step below a high school drama production in most cases (I apologize if I offend anyone's alma mater with that statement...). Parker is much more capable than she acts in this film. To be avant garde artsy, they shot almost every scene at an unusual angle so be prepared to tilt your head back and forth as the horizon is constantly crooked. Finally, the few action sequences consist of a series of stills which also reinforce the notion of ultra low budget.

I'm sorry to say that I've seen higher quality content on YouTube than this film. Delete it from your NetFlix queue, and move on to anything else. There was absolutely nothing to like about this dud of a film.

Overall Grade: F

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