Don't Forget the Lyrics! (Fox Television)

You can always count on the Fox network to come out with some almost original programming. The same week that NBC decides to debut their new singing game show, "The Singing Bee," they decide to come out with Don't Forget the Lyrics! We start with a set and prize structure awfully similar to "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?" (complete with lifelines that get redubbed backup singers for the musical theme). Add in categories of songs that are reminiscent of "Jeopardy." The final ingredient is a dash of karaoke thrown into the mix.

A single contestant is in the spotlight, and they get to choose what type of song to sing. Then the band strikes it up, and it's karaoke time- off pitch, off rhythm and all. As there is some serious money here, the missing words seem to be in one of the later verses that most people only hum along to. At the appropriate time, the lyrics stop, the band plays on, and we find out how well the contestant really knows the song as they fill in the missing 4 to 10 words. It was fun to be able to play along at home- although I quickly realized that I didn't know the lyrics to many of these songs, although they were popular songs. At the top level is the million dollar song, it's probably something a little more obscure.

Overall, for a summer filler show, I did find Don't Forget the Lyrics! entertaining this week. Whether it will grow anything beyond that remains to be seen. Host Wayne Brady, no stranger to music from "The Drew Carey Show" where many of his impromptu lyrics to songs were classically hilarious, adds energy to the stage as he dances and sings along. Anyone who knows their music, and could use some serious extra cash should consider going on the show. If Scott wasn't busy next week, I'd suggest he take a profitable trip out to California...

Overall Grade: B-

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