The Enemy Within

In The Enemy Within, author Larry Bond takes us behind the scenes into the world of domestic terrorism, and counter terrorism. Chronologically, this book is the one before Day of Wrath. It features the characters of Colonel Peter Thorn, a Delta Force commando leader, and Helen Grey who leads the FBI's hostage response team. For whatever reason, I've been reading this series backwards, and it doesn't make any real difference.

What starts as a series of unrelated domestic terrorist acts grows into a national pandemonium as federal manpower gets overwhelmed to respond to the disasters. Slowly, a larger plot of far reaching consequences emerges from the mayhem and destruction. It comes down to the wire if the US is going to be able to emerge unscathed. Just when we think that the evil doers are unstoppable, some clues start to shake out of thorough investigation. The Enemy Within is well written and kept me intrigued and excited from start to finish.

As always, Bond is able to spin quite the tale. While this novel debuted a decade ago, it is as relevant as ever. What's quite scary is that the whole thing is quite plausible. If you're looking for a novel that combines elements of a political thriller with a military one, then The Enemy Within is for you. I just hope that the Iranians don't get a copy of this book!

Overall Grade: A

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