Eight Below

Eight Below is the story of an Antarctic adventure team, and the fate of their dogsled team that is forced to endure the harshest winter on the planet, hands down. On one level, it could be argued that this is nothing more than another Disney animal movie- kind of a Benji meets the penguins. However, I found Eight Below to be far more than that.

The film is a kind of updated Jack London tale. There definitely are the themes of of man versus nature, and the bond we form with our animals. We can also liken this to the ancient Myth of Sisyphus- complete persistence even in the face of quite overwhelming odds (both on the part of the dogs, and their master).

It also never hurts that the scenery is beautiful, and appears quite realistic. I also enjoyed the ice breaker, and the souped up Italian snow transport.

Even if you're not a sucker for a "man's best friend" film, Eight Below is well worth checking out.

Overall Grade: A

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