Fashion House

The new My Nine network has aspirations of taking over prime time with something a little different. I suppose it can be likened to a soap opera, although it only runs for 13 weeks, and then gets replaced by another show. The plan is for five new shows on weekdays, followed by a Saturday review episode for those that may have missed an episode during the week, so don't worry about filling up Tivo.

I decided to check out Fashion House at 9 PM for the debut episode. In summary, don't waste your time. Featuring a cast of has-been's (where has Bo Derek been?) and obscure no-names, it is the story of a fashion mogul, and the struggles of staying at the top of this uber competitive industry. In my mind, it's a toss up between which is worse: the unbelievably bad acting, or the oh so contrived plot. I've seen more believable acting in a high school drama production, and any episode of The Simpsons has a deeper plot.

Another low point is the canned background music. Rather than going for a more subtle sound, it is at the same volume as the dialogue so it serves to distract more than support. In addition, on more than one occasion, the music is overblown for the emotion. While the scene was a little tense, according to the music, it was like the end of the world was coming. Seriously, and no exagerration.

In my mind, he best part of this prime time soap opera formula is that in 13 weeks, we get a different show. Let's hope the next one is better because Fashion House is a dud.

Overall Grade: D-

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