Sinner by Joan Jett

You can always count on Joan Jett to rock hard. Turning 40 didn't slow her down, as her latest album Sinner features Joan blasting the electric guitar and shouting out what she loves and what she hates.

Joan Jett toys with the idea of her bisexuality, with songs like "A.C.D.C" and a great cover of the Replacements' "Androgynous." The love songs here are gender neutral, and she gladly sings "And I don't care if everybody knows." Beyond this possible message, Joan infuses all her songs with energy and enthusiasm.

This isn't to say that Sinner is flawless. Joan Jett's power chords are fun, but they're also very familiar to any of her fans. The opening track "Riddles" not only attacks George W. Bush and his administration with less subtlety than a sledgehammer, but then underscores this by playing audio snippets from GWB and Donald Rumsfeld. And it's odd that Joan Jett took two songs from her previous album ("Fetish" and "Baby Blue") to include, unchanged, on this one.

If you like Joan Jett's sound, or you're looking for some simple, strong rock, go with Joan Jett's Sinner.

Overall Grade: B+

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