Rumor Has It

Rumor Has It is the star studded sequel to The Graduate. Jennifer Aniston plays the granddaughter of Mrs. Robinson, played by Shirley McLane. Aniston has never quite fit in with the rest of her family from her hair color, to her attitudes and emotions. Her sister's wedding, and her recent engagement send her into a premature midlife crisis. This leads her to find "the graduate," played by Kevin Costner (through an extended cameo by Cathy Bates) in search of some needed answers to her origin.

Rumor Has It is kind of a nonsequential sequel, and gets confusing at times. It runs the gamut of emotion from zany to serious, with plenty in between. What makes it work is the top rate cast of actors and actresses. Unfortunately, Paul Simon didn't do the soundtrack on this one.

Overall Grade: B

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