The Sentinel

If you're looking for action and suspense, then The Sentinel is sure to deliver. It features Michael Douglas, Keifer Sutherland and Eva Longoria.

The Sentinel focuses on the Presidential detail of the somewhat mysterious Secret Service. The plot is based on one of the agents being a mole, and the efforts to identify him while maintaning the security of our President. While this is all fictitious, with the ultra low profile of the Secret Service, this, and more could go on without us even knowing it anyway.

Even though the plot is fictional (thankfully!), considerable effort was put into the accuracy of the Secret Service's operations. Several recently retired agents consulted as technical advisors for the film. They even had the actors on the firing range so the shootouts would be more realistic (Longoria is quite accurate with a pistol reportedly).

The Sentinel is well paced, and quite believable. We get a glimpse into the operations of our most elite civilian agency. It is a must see for action and suspense movie fans. Also, don't miss the two featurettes on the Secret Service on the DVD.

Overall Grade: A

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