Just My Luck

Just My Luck is a superficial look at the role of luck in one's life. Lindsay Lohan plays Ashley, the young woman with all the luck. She has a great job, always gets a taxis, and always wins those scratch off lotto cards. Her counterpart, played by Chris Pine, is the prototypical born loser. He unclogs toilets at a bowling alley for a living, and trips with an amazing frequency. This sets up the stereotypical lucky and unlucky characters who have as much depth as a tidal pool- at low tide.

After the stereotypical chance meeting, at a masquerade ball, and a chance kiss, he inadvertantly takes her luck. Her perfect, lucky life quickly turns into rock bottom quite overnight. And all of a sudden, Pine's career takes off, and he is more successful than he could dream of. As if you couldn't guess, now she needs to find him to get her luck back by kissing him.

Just My Luck feels more suited to a younger teenage crowd than to any broader age appeal. There are a few laughs along the way, but I could often see the next plot twist from a mile away. It's a formula film from start to finish, and don't expect anything more.

Overall Grade: C+

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