Something New

Something New straddles the line between a romantic comedy, and something more serious while exploring the challenges of interracial relationships. We have a thirty something accountant climbing the corporate ladder in search of the coveted partnership. Sanaa Lathman is the daughter of a neurosurgeon, and her siblings are similarly well educated and high achieving. There's one thing missing from her life: a boyfriend.

After a failed blind date, she hires a landscape architect to redesign her backyard. She doesn't see him at first as a potential suitor, but his persistence pays off. There is still one issue though: her well to do family is hardly accepting of him.

I enjoyed this film because the theme of interracial relationships has not been done so many times before that there's nothing new. Also, Something New successfully straddles the line between a romantic comedy, and a more serious drama.

Overall Grade: B+

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