American Dreamz (2006)

American Dreamz is one of the more ambitious spoof efforts I've seen in some time. One part is based around mocking the already rather ridiculous and way overhyped American Idol competition. The other part gets based a likeness of George W. Bush who gets manipulated by his wife, and Vice President (wait a second here, maybe this part is more real than not...). At any rate, the storylines intermingle in a quite ridiculous fashion that really makes no sense at many points of the film. In a final analysis, there is enough humor for a few short Saturday Night Live skits. The bit about shooting the terrorist training camp video was very funny. After that segment, it was all downhill, and steeply so, with the laughs less and less frequent until they’re nonexistent. With almost no plot, and minimal humor, I'm recommending you pass this one by, big time.

Overall Grade: D

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