Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil (2006)

The original Behind Enemy Lines was a decent flick that always was a little underrated in my mind. It followed the course of a fighter pilot down in Bosnia, and his eventual rescue. I had never heard of the sequel, and I recently spotted it on DVD.

In Behind Enemy Lines II we focus on the last great closed communist society- North Korea. Taken from recent headlines, we have a missile on the launchpad. The US decides that they cannot allow this, and decide to take it out. While the American military pushes for an all out war, the President realizes the massive death toll that would ensue, and devastate the Korean peninsula. He decides to order a Special Ops mission to sabotoge the missile. So far, this was all well done, quite plausible, and exactly my kind of movie, but we're only 20 minutes in.

What follows is a mess. Let's see, who should we send in to sabotoge a missile in North Korea? I guess Delta Force was on liberty this week, because the Navy's SEAL's get the nod, even though we're not near the water anywhere. They insert them by having them jump off a commercial jetliner via a HAHO technique. After four men jump, the mission gets cancelled.

We end up with four SEAL's wandering the countryside of North Korea. The drawn out battle scenes, in an attempt to capture the "fog of war," use those filters that look like your Uncle Arnie's poorly edited wedding video. On top of that, they would never have enough ammunition to keep firing as they did. It even gets more ridiculous as they parachute directly into the middle of an enemy camp, and no one even notices!

While the plot was quite promising, the whole movie is very underwhelming. Next time we want to see Behind Enemy Lines, I'll stick to the original.

Overall Grade: C-

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