Invincible (2006)

No, there's never been any shortage of "stand up and cheer" football movies. Invincible, starring Mark Wahlberg, attempts a fresh take on this well repeated classic formula. This time it incorporates the real life saga of Vincent Papale, and takes us to the archives of 1975 football when a new NFL coach decides to hold open field tryouts! Papale is a very "down on his luck" bartender who tries out for the team. Faster than we can say "Hike," Papale is at the Philadelphia Eagle's training camp! As he barely keeps his "head above water," the rest of the team does not share this newcomer's enthusiasm, and would be more than pleased to send him packing back from whence he came. Along the way, his buddies from the ol' neighborhood bar in South Philly provide some much needed encouragement. The setting is well created with an entire fleet of mid-70's autos, and also used many relevant songs of the era, including such artists as Jim Croce, and Bachman Turner Overdrive. While Invincible is predictable with a lower case "p," it is still quite enjoyable. I recommend it even to those who are not die hard football aficionados as it is a story worth watching.

Overall Grade: B+

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