Benchwarmers (2006)

What would we get if we added Revenge of the Nerds to The Bad News Bears and mixed? I suppose the answer would be Benchwarmers, but unfortunately only the stupid parts of each film got combined into the final product. The premise is that three adults, who never got to play baseball in their youth, get a second chance at America's favorite game. These three oldsters have literally nothing better to do than play little league baseball teams. A round robin tournament gets organized by a well meaning benefactor of the adults against the kids and Benchwarmers plods on.

To me, the only "highlight" of the film (and a very minimal one at that) is the cameo appearance of the KITT Trans Am from the 80's TV show "Knight Rider." As for the rest, watching the movie trailer of Benchwarmers is truly more than I needed to see. Seriously, who really wants to see a mix of "has beens" and "never were" adults beating up on a bunch of bratty kids? Don't say you weren't warned about this one.

Overall Grade: D+

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