Just Friends (2005)

Just Friends is a romantic comedy that takes a silly look back at high school life, and how moving on can be hard sometimes. Ryan Reynolds plays Chris Brander, the 300 pound high school kid that everyone made fun of. At a graduation party, he leaves town amid the laughs of his entire class. Fast forward a decade, and now he’s a fancy Hollywood record producer. He doesn’t want to look back, and enjoys the companies of celebrities and models.

An impromptu high school reunion lands him back home. He then stumbles upon his old sweetheart, Jamie played by Amy Smart. She made the mistake of keeping him in “the friend’s zone” last time and not taking him seriously, but will she do it again? Those of you thinking that this theme sounds like so many other films out there will now visualize me nodding back at you!

At least for me, Just Friends is a tad too slapstick and silly for me. Scene after scene feature Reynolds acting like he’s all grown up, only to have him relive some zany high school moment. There are simply too many falls in the snow and ice than should be in any one film, probably more than even a trilogy can absorb. Most of them are not that funny, and result in more injury than laughs for all concerned. While there are some redeeming moments, I’m not sure Just Friends is worth enduring for them.

Overall Grade: C+
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