John Tucker Must Die (2006)

John Tucker Must Die is an attempt at the proverbial high school movie. John Tucker is the stereotypical jock- captain of the basketball team and an all star athlete. He also cleverly has three girlfriends, and he juggles them all at the same time. In short, all the girls want to date him, and all the guys want to be him.

As the opposite is Kate Spencer, played by Brittany Snow, on the fringe of high school life. She has been to more schools than years she has been alive. This is because she has a mother that has a long and ongoing history of dysfunctional relationships with men.

When a chance meeting puts the three girlfriends and our outcast together, the madness ensues. They hatch a plan to "kill" John Tucker, more in a social sense than in a "Murder I" hard jail time sense.

Due to John's popularity, this becomes quite the challenge. While there are certainly humorous moments, like when he gets caught on a hotel balcony in a ladies' thong, it runs like the plot is secondary to this string of ridiculous circumstances that each try to top each other.

In the end, John Tucker Must Die never moves beyond the level of a high school sophomore prankster. This is too bad as it could have been at least a little more.

Overall Grade: C

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