Top 10 CD's of 2006

Hello and Happy New Year. As promised, it's time for the annual Top 10 CD list. Given the predominance of iTunes and iPods and single-song downloads, it's easy to be concerned that the album is becoming a lost art. Commercially there may be an element of truth to that, but I've reviewed plenty of albums this past year that are worth enjoying as a whole, not piecemeal. And as always, I have much more respect for artists who can impress me for forty minutes at a time, rather than just four.

I've reviewed nine of these albums already, and the tenth was reviewed here by Jim Lynch, so I don't have to go into any lengthy descriptions.

1. The Ditty Bops, Moon Over The Freeway. They're clever, they're funny, and they have to many good songs to ignore.

2. Johnny Clegg, One Life. I'm always happy when an old stand-by returns to form in a big way.

3. Dion, Bronx In Blue. He's always been a great singer, but I was really impressed with his guitar-playing on this one.

4. Värttinä, Miero. They're doing some U.S. shows this month, so keep your eyes open. The review was posted in Green Man Review.

5. Merrie Amsterburg, Clementine and Other Stories. Like Bronx in Blue, this album brings the musical traditions of America's past into the 21st century.

6. Loreena McKennitt, An Ancient Muse. Another unique artist makes a fine return.

7. Weird Al Yankovic, Straight Outta Lynwood. His biggest hit, only twenty-five years after his first album. Even people like me who loved his first record assumed at the time that he was just a novelty act. I guess we were wrong.

8. Maria Kalaniemi, Bellow Poetry. To really hear this one, turn the lights out and shut off all sound.

9. Amy Speace, Songs For Bright Street. A sharp wit and some good melodies should have gotten her more attention than she has to this point.

10. Neko Case, Fox Confessor Brings The Flood. Eerie and Cryptic, but also compelling.

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Scarlet119 said...

Thanks for the Ditty Bops CD--I guess it comes highly recommended. It is fun indeed. So, when am I going to get your yearly "Best of" mix? (greedy, greedy...).