Evil Dead: The Musical

A bunch of teens head to a remote cabin in the woods for drinking, fun, and sex. They then battle, or get turned into, Candarian demons. Sounds like a musical to me! Evil Dead: The Musical blends the Evil Dead movie trilogy (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn and Army of Darkness) into an insanely entertaining musical.

The songs in this musical are catchy, often violent, chock full of profanity (they even censored four song titles on the back cover of the CD) and very funny. While quite a few songs deal with battling zombies (or zombies singing about the benefits of being evil and dead), there are others here too: Ash and Linda sing of their retail romance in "Housewares Employee," and redneck Jake sings of his many accomplishment in "Good Old Reliable Jake." ("Who invented the formula for Krazy Glue? And who nailed all the chicks on The View?") A small-part demon sings of being a "Bit Part Demon" and Annie laments that "All The Men In My Life Keep Getting Killed By Candarian Demons." There are also snippets of dialogue from the play, painful puns, and the dance tune "Do The Necronomicon."

The songs of Evil Dead: The Musical are silly, twisted, and made me laugh out loud from start to finish. Groovy!

Overall Grade: A

Reviewed by James Lynch

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