My Little Cthulhu

H.P. Lovecraft described Cthulhu, his favorite monster, as an amalgam of a man (the body), a dragon (wings), and an octopus (head). While this monstrous entity has been shown in art, in statuary, even in plush toy form (I have two!), he gets the vinly treatment with My Little Cthulhu .

Produced by Dreamland Toyworks, My Little Cthulhu is a 8" vinyl figure designed by John Kovalic (the artist/genius behind Dork Tower, Munchkin, and many other fun geek things). As befitsits name, My Little Cthulhu is adorable! He has the body type typically described by Lovecraft and shown by others, but with cute eyes, adorable spots, and an oddly large head. My Little Cthulhu also comes with two snacks, er, victims; you can get six more in the My Little Vicims Pack, sold separately. All the victims have only a torso and head, like the Little People toys; however, all victims have "realistic dismemberment action!" Thankfully, it's not all that realistic: It lets you split any figure into three pieces, with red showing between the sections.

My one complaint with My Little Cthulhu is the lack of articulation in the figure. I can understand that Cthulhu doesn't need to be as poseable as, say, Spider-Man -- but there's no movement in the arms, or legs, or head, obviating any different poses. With that in mind, My Little Cthulhu is a must if you want some cute eldritch horrors for your home.

Overall Grade: B+

Reviewed by James Lynch

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