A Good Year (2006)

A Good Year is a film starring Russell Crowe. He plays Max Skinner, the stereotypical, overachieving, workaholic financial businessman who would fit right in with the guys from Wall Street (either the film or the financial district, take your pick...). After another typical multimillion dollar day at the office (actually it's pounds as he is in Great Britain), he learns that he has inherited a wine vineyard from his long lost uncle in France. This prompts a trip to the French estate, and the goal is to sell it for a quick profit. As Max had spent some summer holidays there growing up, this rekindles something inside of him. This results in some serious introspection, self discovery, and ultimately, personal growth into seeing what life is all about.

While the plot of A Good Year is nothing that unique, what stands out in this film is the scenery. This film shows the countryside of France that most tourists to the country don't get to experience. The estate is quite beautiful, and the visual imagery is stunning, reminding me of the film Under the Tuscan Sun at some points.

For those looking for a "movie holiday" into a retelling of a timeless tale, than A Good Year should fill the bill. While it's nothing extraordinary, it's a delightful change of pace and provides a nice diversion.

Overall Grade: B+

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