Pandora's Clock (1995)

If you want a serious, "edge of your seat," pedal to the metal thrill ride, then the novel Pandora's Clock should be near the top of your "must read" list. Author John Nance is not only a commercial pilot, but also a lawyer specializing in avation law, and an aviation consultant to network television. With those credentials, you can bet that his novels have the background substance to back up his plot.

Speaking of plot, Pandora's Clock centers around a doomsday virus in an airplane. With a bioweapon grade virus loose on a 747, it becomes an international game of hot potato. As the jet's fuel supply dwindles, it becomes clear that they won't be making their transatlantic crossing home to America. A great tale unfolds as airports in several countries refuse the landing as the jet attempts to find a friendly runway as their jet fuel is getting used up.

Pandora's Clock runs a breakneck speed from start to finish. Nance spins a tale that can only stem from someone with his first hand aviation background. Even on the details of the virus, which Nance is no expert in, I can't find fault with! Pandora's Clock is a real page turner that I hope remains only fiction.

Overall Grade: A

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