Jamestown, Virginia: 400th Anniversary

With the attention this week on the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, our first permanent American colony, I decided to dig out some photos I took on my visit last year. The Jamestown Settlement is only a short ride from Colonial Williamsburg, and if you're ever down there, it's an afternoon well spent. It's a "hands on history" museum which unlike a more traditional museum encourages visitors to touch stuff, and try things. After a short introductory film, you visit the recreated settlement, a Native American village, and reproductions of the three ships that brought the original colonists here. The highlight of the place is the costumed interpretors that are quite friendly, love to answer questions, and show off their historically accurate trades and skills. It's a great place for children and adults alike. In fact when I was there, I met a family that brought their home schooled kids there on a "family field trip" for the educational component, and were quite pleased as well.

Overall Grade: A

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