Funny Money (2006)

Funny Money is a comedy film starring Chevy Chase. While I've always enjoyed Chase's humor, this time out he's just not that funny.

The premise is that Chase plays Henry Perkins, a middle aged accountant, just ripe for a midlife crisis, but he's too mundane for even that. His wife Carol is played by Penelope Ann Miller. Through a subway switcheroo he inadvertently trades his briefcase with a gangster, and innocently returns home with a cool five million in cash. His initial plan to beeline for Barcelona that night before anyone catches up to him is thwarted when a series of both invited and uninvited guests appears on his doorstep.

Unfortunately, from this point on, things disintegrate from implausible to downright zany and confusing. Additionally, very little of it has any humor value to it. The one exception is Chase doing a short bit impersonating being a visiting Australian cousin. However, it's hard to justify watching a whole movie for a mere handful of humorous lines. Even die hard Chase fans will likely be disappointed with this one.

Overall Grade: C-


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