Liberty Stands Still (2002)

Liberty Stands Still is a look at the gun industry, and one man's mission to extract revenge. It stars Wesley Snipes, and Linda Fiorentino.

The plot of Liberty Stands Still gets based around Joe, played by Snipes who sets himself up in a building over a park. Liberty Wallace (hence the title, at least in one meaning), played by Fiorentino, is going through the city park, when her phone rings. It's Joe, and he has her in the sights of his sniper rifle. Before she can say "hot dog, extra mustard" she is chained at the ankle to a local food vendor's cart. The rest of the film plays out between these two as they discuss guns in our society, and profit vs. morals. The other plot is the police efforts to figure out where the raining bullets are coming from.

This film really fell flat. It reminded me too much of Cellular where too much of the film takes place over the phone without enough real story to glue it all together. A better look at the gun industry is Lord of War. I mean, the whole premise of this film is that snipes is antigun, so in order to express that he shoots a rifle into a city park? Talk about a double standard!

Liberty Stands Still should be renamed "Snipes Snipes Into Park- News At Eleven." I thoroughly did not enjoy this film, and suggest others skip it.

Overall Grade: C-


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