K-Ville (Fox Television)

While next week is the real premiere week of the 2007-08 television season, a few things debuted this week, one of them being K-Ville. On the surface it appears to be yet another cop drama, a recurring subject matter that's been done oh so many times before. For whatever reason, I decided to watch it, and share my initial impression.

K-Ville refers to Katrinaville, also known as New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, caused so much destruction and loss. It is set in present time, and the city is struggling to redefine and rebirth itself- not an easy process when its residents are spread across states. Also, New Orleans was hardly the safest city pre-Katrina, and plenty of crime and corruption has flourished amidst the partially cleaned up remains of this once culturally vibrant city.

The action focuses heavily on Marlin Boulet, a veteran NOPD officer. In a dramatic opening, his partner deserted him right in the middle of anarchy and chaos. While his neighbors have mostly left, he proudly lives in the same house, and struggles to rebuild it among much in ruin. While he gets a new partner, he has some issues in his past, and by the first episode's end, we do get a surprisingly dramatic revelation that I don't want to spoil.

One of the keys to this series is that it is set on location in New Orleans. No amount of Hollywood gimmickry can ever recreate shooting in such a rich set. Apparently, the last police television drama shot on location was Magnum, PI back in the 80's, so it's nice to see a return to this concept. Done like a film, New Orleans starts to become its own character in this drama.

While I was expecting K-Ville to be a downer to see such a devastated city, I was pleasantly surprised that the message of hope came so strongly across. While it will take a while (probably decades), the resilience of the city of New Orleans will survive even a severe hurricane of almost biblical proportions. I'm looking forward to future episodes that can be seen on the FOX network, on Mondays at 9 PM, EST, following Prison Break.

Overall Grade: B+


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