Gossip Girl, Season One, The CW

Television has certain recurring genre of shows that periodically get updated, like the police drama, and the family comedy. Following in the lineage of "90210," and more recently, "The OC," is the CW's latest attempt at the genre of the teen drama, "Gossip Girl."

The idea is reportedly to take what was to take the stereotypical teens of fox's "The OC," and to move them to the East coast, and give them even more money. They all attend a preppy upper end and exclusive high school, (which thankfully is coed as firstly, it would remind me too much of my own high school, and secondly, it really wouldn't make for compelling television. Alas, I digress). Anyhow, much of the conflict comes from two rival teenage fems, better known as Serena and Blair who both want to be "leader of the pack," and the relationship with their boyfriends.

I'm just about the antithesis of a Manhattanite, but with that disclaimer made, I must say that compared to the sunny beaches and BMW convertibles of California, at least as presented on "Gossip Girl," the city just doesn't compare. For example, if these kids are so seriously rich, would they really be taking a dirty city bus to this exclusive school? I'm sure Trump's youngin's go first class in a stretch limo, and not with a pocketful of tokens jangling in their school uniform pockets.

The title of the show comes from the blog that the students all are glued to that discusses the going ons of the top social tier of students. It's not clear who the blogger is, and I suspect that it will be quite a while before that piece of info gets revealed, if ever. Technologies like cell phones, and instant messaging have changed our world, and urban teenagers have heavily embraced these technologies. I'm pleased to see a show that tries to incorporates this experience into the drama.

It remains to be seen how compelling "Gossip Girl" will be as the season develops. I plan on watching at least a few more episodes. Of note, it is filmed on location in NYC. Check it out on Wednesdays at 9 PM, EST, on The CW ( formerly known as channel 11 for those with an antenna), or online here.

Grade: B-


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