Prison Break, Season 3, Fox Television

I've been a big fan of Prison Break, FOX's sleeper hit that is now entering their third season. To recap, the first season focused on getting Lincoln out of the Fox River State Penitentiary. The second season was a wild chase across the US, and into Central America, concluding in Panama as the convicts fled from the long arm of American law.

For the third season, this time its Micheal Scofield that starts off behind bars, and Lincoln on the outside, the visa versa of how we started off this whole journey. He's in Sona, where only the worst in the Panamanian prison system go to. Even the guards are afraid to enter the anarchy inside. They basically exchange some food and water once a week for the bodies of anyone that died, and shoot any prisoners that try to make a run for it. Whatever goes on inside, their only mission is to keep it contained.

Additionally, in the prison are two previous pursuers: Alex, the drug abusing FBI agent, and Bellick, the former Captain of the prison guards back in Fox River. Also, T-Bag, the deranged rapist/pedophile/mass murderer is lurking around, and regular viewers know that it's just a matter of time before he gets bloodthirsty, and the bodies start piling up behind him.

The conflict starts to come as Lincoln's son, and Dr. Sarah get conveniently kidnapped down in Panama. Hmmmm. That seemed a little too convenient to me, but I guess we needed it to get the plot going. The condition for the release you ask? Scofield has to break someone else out of this Sona prison. Again, rather convenient, but I'll grant them some dramatic plot license as they probably never thought the show would make it this far.

It's too early to tell how this season will play out. On one hand, compared to the breakneck speed of the end of the second season, I felt like there was a lull in the action. However, I can see the stage being set for good things to come. Of course, I'm thinking that a civil engineer locked in a prison with no guards would just dig a tunnel out, but I doubt it will play out that way. In the meantime, catch the third season of Prison Break on Mondays at 8 PM, EST on the FOX TV network, and stay tuned for K-Ville afterwords.

Preliminary Grade: B


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