Inside Out (2005)

As the resident expert on healthcare and entertainment, when I saw the DVD box for Inside Out, featuring Eriq La Salle from "ER," and Kate Walsh from "Grey's Anatomy," (and this upcoming Fall season "Private Practice"), I figured I had to see how we could combine the talents of these two veteran actors of the hospital entertainment scene. To put it bluntly, the box was the most enticing part of the experience.

La Salle plays Doctor Peoples, a strange psychiatrist that moves into a very ideal appearing suburban neighborhood. It becomes clear from the outset that his just doesn't fit in with his neighbors, especially when he mows his lawn after midnight! This is reinforced when he has a garage sale, and sells some goods that are simply too dirt cheap. As time goes on, Doctor Peoples antics start having an effect on the families of those that surround him. Add in some strange sounds coming from his basement, and we have the makings of a mystery.

While the premise had some potential, things keep dropping another notch until we're in the subbasement. At no point does any of this seem in any way realistic, and is just too far out there. the fact that La Salle plays a psychiatrist is only cursorily related to the plot. He could had the profession of a typewriter salesman just as easily. Finally, the end was quite obvious from one half hour into this dismal film.

While I used to be a fan of "ER," and currently watch "Grey's Anatomy," the film Inside Out has no redeeming quality. Skip this one.

Overall Grade: D


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