Unaccompanied Minors (2006)

I remember two things about a childhood airplane ride to California. The first is that I was shocked to see a child flying all by their lonesome for one coast to the other. It was explained to me that for a surcharge of an adult fare, the child would be shepherded through the process to reach their destination. The second was that on this transcontinental flight, they actually had a buffet for the passengers to dine from. Wow, how the airlines have changed in our current era where they're charging for a soda or pillow!

This phenomenon of children flying without adults, coupled with the increasing use of the hub system by airline necessitating layovers become the basis of the film Unaccompanied Minors. Basically, a bunch of kids traveling at Christmas time end up in a Pennsylvania airport, and get snowed in. The airline's plan is to keep the kids together and safe in one location-the equivalent of a kid's warehouse with concrete walls and no windows. The children plot an escape from their overwhelmed chaperon, and end up running amuck among the airport buried in snow. It reminded me of Home Alone as the kids run off on their own and have side adventures in places like the unclaimed baggage center. There is also a side story of an environmentally conscious father who tries to take on the snow in a biodiesel car that is no match for the snow.

I found Unaccompanied Minors to have some humor value, but mostly on a tween level. The kids will enjoy this one a lot more than the adults as there is no higher level to the comedy, and the plot is too simplistic. If you've ever been stuck in an airport, (and who hasn't at this point?) there are some chuckles, but this was far from outrageously funny to me.

Overall Grade: C+


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