Any film with a mermaid immediately invites a comparison with the 80's hit, Splash. Upfront, I will tell you that Aquamarine is quite simply not as good.

A terrible storm ends up washing a mermaid into the pool of a beach club that is the hang out of two best friend girls. This mermaid has been updated with blue highlights of hair, color changing nail polish and starfish earrings. However, the plot is downright childish, and rather trite. The kid moving away at the end of the summer has been done way too many times before as has the other theme of searching for true love. The groups of early teens competing, and putting each other down has got to be the most overdone plot line on television.

Still, this is adequate mindless entertainment for a hot summer evening. Watch accordingly, lower your expectations as needed, and you just might get lost in this film that doesn’t make the same Splash, and break any new ground.

Overall Grade: B-

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