End Game

The Assassination Was Only The Beginning

End Game stars Cuda Gooding, Jr as the President's Secret Service agent. The initial drama is provided as the President is assasinated right in front of him, through no obvious fault, as he did everything "by the book." Aided by a curious newspaper reporter, the two of them start to uncover that the lone gunman was not working alone, and was involved with other governmental agencies.

I say start to uncover, because in the end, we don't really come to a resolution. At least in my mind, we never really figure out who wanted the president dead, and why. I've seen Scooby Doo episodes that came together with more of a conclusion than End Game.

Putting the fall apart ending aside, there are more than enough explosive car chases and shoot outs to keep any action fan satisfied. They save End Game from an even lower grade. It's a shame that they can only save the ending by so much.

Overall Grade: C+

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