A Word About the Comments...

Regrettably, I've had to shut down the comments on this site. While we occasionally had some real conversation, it was not the norm. Last night, I found a string of multiple comments that was offensive, and far more suitable to be etched in a NY Subway stall than on The Armchair Critic.

I cleaned it up, and hopefully no one was offended. At first, I didn't want to give these folks the attention that they probably desire, but hiding the truth is never the way to solve anything. History teaches that time and again.

As a stop gap measure, I've disabled the comments so this cannot happen again. I'll explore either a forum, or some way of moderating the comments. As often happens, a few can bring down the masses, like on September 11th, 2001- temporarily. Rest assured, we're here for the duration, and we're wiping our feet and moving on!

Thanks for your continued support and understanding. As we gain popularity, this type of behavior is "par for the course" apparently!

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