Deep Blue

Want to see a great movie about the ocean? So do I, but Deep Blue just isn't it. The idea is to move from the shore, into deeper and deeper ocean water showing the life along the way. There are a few unforgettable moments like the killer whale venturing into the surf, and the whale that popped up to munch on a school of fish. Unfortunately, the rest is quite boring. There is only minimal dialogue, which left me wondering where we really were, and what type of fish these were. Also, they switched back and forth between the Arctic Ocean, and Antartica like they're interchangeable (hint: there are no penguins up north, only in Antarctica). Finally, for a film called Deep Blue, they spent way too much time on the beach, and not enough in the open ocean.

Deep Blue has about as much storyline as watching "The Aquarium Channel." It's pretty, but don't devote 90 minutes of your life to it.

Overall Grade: D+

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