My Boss' Daughter

Ashton Kutcher stars in My Boss' Daughter. He is the prototypical twenty something aspiring to climb the corporate ladder, but stuck on the first rung. He's attracted to the boss' daughter, and the boss is a first rate despot. When Kutcher thinks he has a date with the lady of his affection, he ends up house sitting for his boss- not exactly what he had planned! A series of events takes us out of control, and into the zany. A series of characters show up at the door including an estranged family member, an ex-employee, a mobster, and the list goes on. Combine that with the list of disasters that threaten to destroy the house and its contents. Along the way we manage to throw jokes at every possible demographic group. What results is a crazy comedy that delivers plenty of laughs. While it's downright silly at several points, I enjoyed the mindless fun along the way.

Overall Grade: B+

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