Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius

His passion made him a legend.

Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius shows us the true story of one of he greatest players of the game of golf. We see hm overcome personal adversity in the form of illness, and supporting family members. What is also fascinating is that despite winning multiple tournaments, he did so as an amateur so he was not paid for his wins.

The film is paced a little slowly in the first half. Combined with the over two hour run time, this makes it feel like a long movie. It's also a little unclear at some points where this is taking place as they shift from Scotland to Georgia.

That said, this a relaxing jaunt through the links. For those of us who didn't renew our country club membership this year, this may be the closest we get to a golf course. Enjoy the back nine, and don’t get stuck in a sand trap!

Overall Grade: B

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