Match Point

There Are No Little Secrets

My major disclaimer for this review is that I am not a fan of Woody Allen movies. Still, Match Point does not have Woody acting (or is that whining?) in it, so I decided to give it a try.

Match Point tells the story of a tennis pro who came from the lower class, and now intermingles with the country club upper class. Before long, he is romantically involved with a high society woman. He uses this to get him a job in business, and marries into the family.

While he has gotten himself out of the lower class, it hasn't gotten out of him. A romantic side interest turns into a full blown affair. It then becomes a tale to see how far he will go to protect his torrid secrets, and what price his family will pay. We also have the themes of social class, and class mobility intertwining.

Match Point
was less prototypically "Woody Allenish" than his other works. It does work as a film, although it is quite serious throughout. Those looking for a well acted, serious adult drama will likely enjoy Match Point.

Overall Grade: B

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